A new website for children, young adults, families & professionals

Birmingham Children's Trust

Supporting vulnerable citizens while showcasing high quality social work.

Following their transition from Birmingham City Council, Birmingham Children’s Trust needed a new website design and intranet which felt familiar to the Trust Staff, helped to reinforce the identity of the new organisation, and is easily accessed by the Birmingham community.

Case study birmingham children's trust
Case study birmingham children's trust

The Challenge

The website design needed to be carefully considered for the multiple user groups who will visit the website. The professionalism and high quality support work that Birmingham’s Children Trust delivers also needed to be showcased.

We created a look and feel that is modern and underpinned by considered, intuitive, user-centred journeys. The Trust’s core objective is to help vulnerable children and young adults as well as to support families and carers, and the website needed to be designed with that in mind the whole way through so all users could find information, quickly and easily.

As well as this we needed to position it as a great place to work to encourage more social workers to join the organisation.

The website required its own identity to be differentiated from Birmingham City Council.

The Solution

The user is at the centre of everything we do, but for this project, this was even more important. We needed to ensure that the different types of user groups could find the information they needed when they need it. We did this though creating key personas, prioritising content based on the importance and relevance to each persona group using a content hierarchy.

By critically evaluating the content, reflecting on each element and prioritising it based on its importance and relevance to the user - the sites homepage was structured.

Case study birmingham children's trust

The new sites have enabled us to engage with employees and the public, and communicate important information during this period of change. Jadu Creative provided invaluable support through onsite workshop time with our web and communications teams during the process.

Lawrence Vos, Communications Manager, Birmingham Children’s Trust

The Results

Case study birmingham children's trust

An easy-to-use website tailored to a number of different user groups, surfacing key content and messaging to enable each persona to access needed information quickly and with ease.