Encouraging, interactive self-service design

Oldham Council

How did we create a self service website that reflected residents priorities and needs?

Oldham Council wanted to provide easy to use web content and services to their residents. They wanted a solution that was quick and efficient.

Giving a positive impression of Oldham as a place to live, work and visit was really important.

Case study oldham
Case study oldham

The Challenge

The council wanted to create a website that’s easy-to-use and reflects residents priorities. Users need to be able to find web content and services easily to be able to self-serve to help reduce avoidable contact into the council.

An impression of positivity needed to be reflected through the whole design to make residents aware of the councils initiatives and campaigns!

The Solution

The colour palette offered a range of colours, but we wanted to bring a modern look to the website and Oldham let us have the freedom to introduce tonal variations as well as find alternatives to the typography to give a fresh, modernised look and feel.

Eye tracking played a key part once prototypes were produced and the team tested three user journeys through landing and inner pages - this helped iterate stage two of the design and content.

We worked with Oldham on key integrations including Jadu XFP (online forms) so the council could use state-of-the-art forms to enable seamless self-service. To add to the interactive element, we added a Juicer plugin to pull through the council’s social media feeds so residents can keep on top of what’s going on in the community.

Case study oldham