Designing students first choice

Tyler Junior College

How do you create a website that both recruits and retains students, while being exciting and vibrant?

Tyler Junior College based in Texas wanted to ensure they had a user-friendly responsive design that effectively delivered and showcased the value in studying at TJC. How? By using eye-catching, quick facts, proactive headlines and engaging visuals.

One of the main parts of the brief was to improve the quality of content on the site to enhance the selling tool for the college.

Not only did the site need to attract prospective students, but it needed to attract their families, alumni, professors and donors.

It needed to be the first choice for all.

Case study tyler junior college
Case study tyler junior college

The Challenge

With the shift to mobile phone usage, especially by students, this was a big focus of ours.

TJC’s site needed to be responsive on other devices besides desktop, so, we focused on redesigning the site to ensure it was fully responsive, with easy-to-use navigation to enable students to find information they need on the go.

The Solution

We focused on bringing TJC’s branding to life, they have exciting bright, vibrant colours in their brand guidelines but only the darker colours were used on the previous website.

Some of the content was difficult to read in the previous design, so we created more white space in the redesign and formed a visual hierarchy based on importance of information to surface key messaging and content, making it easier for TJC’s users to read and digest.

Case study tyler junior college

The website is TJC’s number one marketing tool for recruiting and retaining high-performing students, and this redesign was exactly what we needed. The Jadu Creative design team created a website that was visually appealing and easy to navigate, and our students love it. They were a joy to work with, and made transitioning to a new website a breeze.

Allen Arrick, Web Specialist

The Results

Case study tyler junior college

A bold, vibrant easy-to-use website where each page is crafted carefully and designed to deliver the ultimate user experience on mobile devices as well as on desktop.

“While it’s no easy task to redesign and move a 2,000+ page website, the team’s efforts made the experience enjoyable, and the end results speak for themselves.” Allen Arrick, Web Specialist