Interactive training days

Accessibility is no longer just important, it's a requirement and for certain organisations, the law.

We run interactive training days packed with activities, assistive technology demonstrations and lots of discussion on how you and your staff can ensure your site is accessible.

Everything we do here at Jadu Creative is user focussed and our accessibility training is no different. Our training focuses on how accessibility guidelines remove barriers and improve usability for real people. We know from experience that this is the best way to help everyone have an accessible mindset.

We cut out the jargon and put the rules and regulations of accessibility into easy to understand terms for you and your team. We give you the tools and processes you need to create an accessible web.

Delivering an accessibility workshop
Award winning sites in accessibility

Creating accessible sites

Accessibility underpins everything we do

Our team have a deep understanding of how to create accessible experiences. We have been designing, developing and testing AA compliant sites at Jadu Creative for years. We have the processes, experience and rigorous testing methods required to bring an AA compliant site to market but more than that we understand the users.

We make accessible digital experiences for everyone. Putting people before profit. Human experience, before technology. Making digital seamless and the user, front and centre of our design solutions.

We try to build accessibility into the way we work and present information on our website, but your course served as a great refresher for the best practices we incorporate into our work, as well as introducing some useful new ideas and tools. Your training raised my awareness of considering all aspects of accessibility when reviewing web content.

Luke Foster-Bevan, Web Content Editor, City of York Council

How do we do it?

Team collaboration


Accessibility and beautiful design are not exclusive. Our design team have the knowledge and experience of the dos and don’ts of accessible design, how to create experiences that delight your users without compromising on accessibility.

Developers in the studio


Our developers understand accessible technology and how real people use it. All our code is AA compliant but we go beyond that, we tailor the experience of your accessible technology user with the same degree of care as any other.

Testers in the studio


Our team use accessible technology to test your site in the same way users would and use manual and automated models to ensure your site is AA compliant. We can also perform user testing on your site to get valuable feedback from real users.

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Accessibility Podcast

Accessibility has never been so important, it’s also a requirement and for certain organisations, the law.  

Braintree District Council discussed on this short podcast with Shaw Trust Accessibility Services, why accessibility didn’t drop as a priority for its website redesign project during the pandemic during 2020 and why accessibility has never been so important. You can also access the podcast transcript

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