Development at Jadu Creative

Here at Jadu Creative, we understand that websites don’t just have to look good, they need to work well too.

Our solid framework allows us to spend more time on refining the user experience and creating bespoke solutions that fulfil our client's requirements.

We use the latest industry tools to manage our projects. Version control tools allow us to track every single line of code written, it gives us a full paper trail of when it was written, why it was written, who wrote it and who approved it. Our ticketing system links each snippet of code to a list of requirements and extra information about the feature, this helps us to work collaboratively and smart.

Oldham website
Oldham council on mobile

Quality and standards

With user experience at the heart of everything we do; we strongly believe that websites should be accessible by all users.

All of our websites are fully responsive, ensuring users have a seamless experience across all platforms and devices.

By default, we develop to AA standards - optimise for screen readers and ensure our sites are easy to use for mouse, keyboard and touch-screen users alike. Our websites are also usable with JavaScript disabled. We test colour contrast for visually impaired users and can offer alternate colour schemes, fonts and sizes.

Our team of developers are passionate about creating solid, future-proof solutions, using the latest technologies. We create valid, semantic code to w3c standards. Our strict set of coding standards, peer reviews and automated linting tools ensure that all code is modular and maintainable - meaning our websites will stand the test of time.

We pride ourselves on having a solid framework & build process, which provides the foundation and tools necessary to make a real difference to our client websites. Consistency is key to a successful project, so we all work to the same process and methodology.

Prash Mistry, Front-end Developer

How do we do it?

Web design and development

Front-end Development

Bringing designs to life through precise code and responsive build for multiple devices. We aim to use best practice and latest accepted technologies using both progressive enhancement and graceful degradation techniques.


Web Development

Writing semantic code that is robust, well commented and maintainable. Creating bespoke customer solutions that integrate seamlessly with a range of products and services.

Web developers working

Personal Development

Our developers know the importance of staying up to date with coding trends and best practice. We have monthly catch-ups in which we knowledge share, set goals and acknowledge achievements.

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