Eye Tracking

What is Eye Tracking?

We look through the eyes of your users to gain an in-depth insight into the way they are navigating through your site.

Based on our research we put together key tasks for users to complete on your site. We then use a small unobtrusive device to record where users are looking whilst interacting with your site.

There is only so much that you can find out with traditional testing methods. Eye tracking can help us uncover subconscious habits that users exhibit on your site. By seeing where users are looking, or not looking, we can assess how well your site is working.

We also complete in depth interviews with users to gain important feedback which we can qualify against your eye tracking data.

Eye tracking heat map

I love the focus we place on the user here at Jadu Creative. Meeting and testing with real people means the feedback is authentic and by using eye tracking we can validate those opinions with data.

Jack Niland, UX Researcher and Designer

Eye Tracking Methodologies

Eye tracking session

Eye tracking on Prototypes

We perform eye tracking throughout the design process, from clickable wireframes to full HTML prototypes. Through each iteration we can use eye tracking to back up our design decisions. Using data and research in this way means we can take the subjectivity out of design and base decisions on real user habits.


A/B Testing

A/B testing is the method of comparing user behaviour on two variations of a design concept. By using A/B testing on your designs, we can optimise your site for real user needs.

Eye tracking on mobile devices

Eye tracking Post Go-live

Testing does not stop at go-live. Optimising your site and ensuring its usability is an ongoing process. We perform eye tracking to uncover any usability issues or to A/B test improvements.

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