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Supporting your digital transformation journey through courses and workshops, suited to your organisation’s needs and tailored to your teams level of skill and knowledge.

We offer several workshops and training courses, presented by content specialists who know their subject inside out. These courses are designed to help your team get the most out of your website.

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What we do

Accessibility Workshop

Accessibility is no longer just important, it's a requirement and for certain organisations, the law. Our 'Introduction to Accessibility' course reviews legal obligations, WCAG guidelines, best practice, content, code and assessment to help support your team to ensure their approach to the site has accessibility in mind from the start and ongoing in its development. An invaluable course for anyone involved in the creation and maintenance of a website.

Content Workshop

One of our content specialists will spend a day reviewing your website content, documenting any areas where your content management system may be utilised more effectively, or to enhance the user experience. The reviewer will then spend a day on-site, with up to two of your web managers, to analyse findings. This will be carried out alongside practical demonstrations, providing knowledge to your content team. We also offer an enhanced version of this workshop for covering more advanced features and themes.

Content Editor Training

This is a half-day course designed for new content editors, providing training in all the skills that are required for basic content creation and management.

The focus of the training is on core publishing techniques, such as creating web pages and download files, plus the use of images and workflow. Best practice for web content authoring is a key topic, with user experience being fundamental to good business. This foundation course will provide the skills to effectively manage key website content.This is a practical, classroom-based session, covering key concepts and techniques for content management.

Website Manager Training

This course is designed for new or existing web managers, and provides all the skills necessary to manage your website using the content management system.

To maximise your website’s potential, we’ll look at key concepts and tasks, including: publishing and navigation management; day-to-day system administration; design and deployment of microsites; online forms data migration; workflow and statistical reporting, as well as new features, functionality and best practice.

This is a practical, classroom-based training session, covering the key tasks and techniques for good content management.

The course was brilliant, the whole team learned so much and really got a lot out of it. Jack was great, he really knew his stuff and made the training engaging for us.

Attendee, Accessibility course 2018

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